The Porcino mushroom, prince of the woodlands, is dried, to maintain all its flavour and aroma.

They grow in the oak and chestnut woods of the plain, and in the beech and fir forests of the high mountains. They usually grow between May and June, and become visible in the woods as early as August, although it is between September and October that their presence is at its peak, which experts are able to recognise at first glance by their external characteristics, clearly different, they are four varieties:
• Boletus edulis, Bulliard: Fries • Boletus aereus, Bulliard: Fries • Boletus aestivalis • Boletus pinophilus.

The method of preserving mushrooms, in addition to frozen, are mainly 3: drying them, left naturally in oil or vinegar, or sweet and sour.

Among these, certainly the best method of preservation is drying. In fact, drying them optimally preserves both taste and aroma, in some cases it is even enhanced, allowing them to be used for a long period of time, even up to 1 year.

LDrying is considered the most natural, effective and least invasive method of preservation, to use the dried mushrooms, a few simple steps are enough. Put the dried mushrooms in a bowl and cover them with warm water leaving them to soak for a minimum of half an hour up to an hour.
After this, drain the mushrooms and wash them under running water.

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