Expanding our range of frozen products. Champignon - Shjjtake - Nameko - Boletus luteus - Boletus Edulis - Pleurotus which all lend themselves to a multitude of uses in the kitchen.
While cooking they can change colour and become from more yellowish to hazelnut, or even darker in the case of the more mature ones with ripe gils.

The most common and marketable is the champignon mushroom, Agaricus bisporus, in Italian called “prataiolo“ - deriving from the word “prato” meaning, field. It is a basidiomycete mushroom of the Agaricaceae family, extensively used in the kitchen, widely cultivated and then marketed all over the world.

Morphological details:

  • Cap
    Up to 12 cm wide, sometimes wider, first ovoid, then hemispherical and finally curved in shape, very fleshy and white in colour (brown in some varieties, known in Anglo-Saxon countries as chestnut mushrooms), often with brownish scales; the edges are frequently flaky.
  • Gils
    Candid pink in colour, they become chocolate-coloured in a short time and finally dark brown; rather dense.
  • Stem
    3-5 x 1.5-2 cm, firm, full, short, stocky and cylindrical, enlarged at the base; white in colour.
  • Ring
    Flaky, white, membranous, easily removable.
  • Flesh
    White in colour, turning slightly red when exposed to air.
  • Smell
    Pleasant, like moss or cut grass.
  • Taste
    Pleasant and sweet. Stronger in the more mature variety and because of this it is preferable to consume only young carpophores.






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