Forty years of experience of the flavours of the woodlands.

In the course of time, processing methods have been added to this exquisite mushroom, even the transformation of the dried mushrooms, a line of mixed mushrooms and subsequently vegetables and berries.
Having always had a presence in the Catering and Retail business in the Italian and foreign marketplace, the company, in character with its aim enters in the large scale distribution.
A big step towards reaching this goal was the construction of new premises conceived and designed to meet all organisational requirements from the clients to business sector: ensuring constant production and the continuous availability of products.


Improvements include:

  • LOGISTICS: located in the industrial district of San Salvatore Telesino adjacent to the Benevento-Naples motorway.
  • PRODUCT STORAGE: the new cold stores have a conservation capability of -18º to about 8,000 cubic meters of stock.
  • STORAGE CAPACITY: new and large storage ares for around 1500 pallets.
  • PARKING: large open spaces for the loading and unloading of goods.
  • PREMISIS: up-to-date substantial modern offices, showrooms, kitchens for demonstrative events will welcome even the most discerning client.

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